Monday, January 28, 2008

Git R Done

After this offseason, I don't think I'll never need to get on a roller coaster again. I've experienced enough up and downs this winter to last me a lifetime.

First Tejada was traded, then he wasn't. Then he was traded to the Astros. And just in the nick of time too. Man did the Orioles dodge a bullet there.

Then Roberts was traded to the Cubs, then he wasn't. Who knows why that deal fell apart...

Now Bedard has been reported to be traded to the Mariners after word was passed along that the centerpiece in the deal, CF Adam Jones, was told by the M's to fly home from Venezuela, where he was playing winter ball. Now both teams are denying that the deal is done, even though sources on both sides of the trade say that it is a done deal.

And now comes the show-stopper... word is that Peter G. Angelos has yet to sign off on the deal. The reason? He's unreachable today because of what The Sun calls "personal issues."

Unless Angelos is attending a funeral or some kind of dire family emergency, he should find the time to approve what could be one of the biggest trades in franchise history. And last time I checked, funerals aren't all-day functions.

I'm so sick and tired of being pulled along with these trade rumors, only to hear that the trade was snagged when Angelos got involved. When is Angelos just going to become another part of the process, and one that doesn't slow down the process by a day or two?

Now, this may be a formality. Who knows what's really going on behind the warehouse doors. But one things is for sure, the Orioles need to close the deal on these trades from time to time or else their reputation for being difficult gets even worse and the O's find them selves exiled on Pratt Street.

People close to the team are saying that the deal will be announced tomorrow. I sure hope so.

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