Monday, February 11, 2008

Follow the Trax

The O's threw a monkey-wrench into the Josh Fogg signing speculation by signing Steve Trachsel to a minor league deal with an invite to spring training today.

One would think that this makes the proposed Josh Fogg signing redundant, but these are the Orioles after all. Don't put it past them to scrounge up as much pitching as they can, both young and old.

Anyway, I believe that the O's wanted Trax back to mentor the younger pitchers for another season, whether that is in Baltimore or Norfolk, since a lot of the O's pitching prospects will no doubt be spending a lot of time there this season as they wait for their turn in Baltimore.

Apparently, Trachsel enjoyed his time with the Orioles and the young pitchers, so if he wants to come back with that as his primary objective in 2008, that's fine with me.

It also doesn't necessarily mean that the O's won't sign Fogg, either.

But if Trachsel and Fogg end up in the rotation at the same time while our pitching prospects are racking up meaningless innings in Norfolk, the old-school Bad Oriole will be back with a vengeance, baby!

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Anonymous said...

Ugh, Trachsel and Fogg? Why did the O's make all these trades? I guess the O's want our minor league teams to win before the Orioles do.