Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

OK, what's going on here?

I can't really complain about anything this year, since the Orioles are at .500 after being expected to lose 100 games, and they've had more comebacks so far this year than they've had in the last 10 years (it seems), but what the hell is going on with this team on Sundays?

They're 1-10 on Sundays so far this season and have lost 10 games in a row on the sabbath.

The good news about the latest Sunday loss is that the Orioles mounted awe-inspiring comebacks on Friday and Saturday night before coming back again on Sunday, only to eventually lose to the Pirates in extra-innings.

Maybe the Orioles are looking forward to that usual Monday off.

Who knows.

But Jay Payton had this to say about the O's woes on the Lord's Day...

"We should just quit playing on Sundays and we'll be in first place," Jay Payton said. "It's just one of those stats. Maybe we need to cut the head off a monkey or something to switch it up. I think it's usually a chicken, but I'm thinking maybe a monkey would work. But that's animal cruelty. I wouldn't do that."

I haven't been crazy about Payton being on this team, but quotes like that are making me like him more and more.

Anyway, let's hope the O's start performing a little better on Sundays.

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