Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trade Men

Here are the Bad Oriole's Most Tradeable Orioles (MTO's) on July 23, 2008. Rate of Return (RoR) is based on the probability of package received in trade paying off. Just don't ask how I came up with it.

1. Brian Roberts - 30 - still a premier lead-off hitter and above-average fielder. Will be signed through 2009. Not likely to be in his prime by the time the O's become a contender. RoR: %90

2. Aubrey Huff - 31 - is at peak value right now and still under contract for another year. Could be traded without having to take on any salary. That may not be the case next year. RoR: 85%

3. Luke Scott - 30 - the guy I want to trade the least on this list. However, he is under control for a long time and has adjusted well to becoming an everyday player. The recent solid play of Nolan Riemold in AA-Bowie makes Scott a little more expendable. RoR: 80%

4. George Sherrill
- 31 - not as dominant a closer as his 29 saves let on, but could be useful to another team as a LOOGY, like he was for Seattle last year. Is under control for number of years. Chris Ray and James Hoey coming back from DL within the next few months make Sherrill expendable. RoR: 75%

5. Chad Bradford
- 33 - currently the Orioles second best pitcher in the bullpen. Signed through 2009. Another "Sell High" guy. RoR: 65%

6. Ramon Hernandez
- 32 - Ramon is a liability behind the plate and is no longer an above average hitter at the plate. The O's would be best to give Quiroz the starting job and call up Matt Wieters, but they don't appear ready to do that anytime soon. His laziness and brain farts cost the Orioles runs and wins on most nights. Trade him for whatever you can get. A change of scenery and chance to play for playoffs could motivate Ramon, and he still has a "name". RoR: 35%

7. Jay Payton
- 35 - Payton can still hit LHP and that is useful to contending teams. RoR: 30%

8. Kevin Millar - 36 - Millar is the spirit of the clubhouse and I can't see him being traded, but his veteranosity and ability to perform in clutch situations might be worth the risk for a contender. RoR: 25%

9. Melvin Mora
- 36 - Mora is clearly in decline both offensively and defensively, has a No Trade clause in his contract, is making a lot and is the longest tenured Oriole on the team. He won't be traded, but could be a useful bat of the bench for a contender. RoR: 20%

10. Jamie Walker
- 36 - Walker is signed through 2009, has struggled in 2008 and is coming off the DL. Unless teams think he can revert back to his 2007 self now that he is healthy, he is almost untradeable. RoR: 5%

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