Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ravens sign Bouman


In a strange turn of events that saw media outlets report that the Ravens had signed Joey Harrington and had been close to signing Chris Simms, turns out the Ravens have actually signed 36-year-old veteran Todd Bouman to a one-year deal.

Just watch... tonight they will be reported to sign Browning Nagle.

Not that any of this matters much, since guys like Simms, Harrington and Bouman are pretty much inter-changable. Of the three, however, I still would have liked the Ravens to have signed Harrington, since he actually has had some limited success as a starter in the NFL and could provide some leadership for Joe Flacco, even if the advice is "don't do what I just did."

Anyway, Bouman is 36 and has spent time in Minnesota and New Orleans. There's not much to go on, except for his 8 TD's in 5 games while filling in for Dante Culpepper in 2001. That just goes to show you how having Randy Moss and Chris Carter for weapons can work wonders for you.

Apparently Bouman was the most impressive in the workouts. Or maybe the Ravens already knew what he looked like in purple, so they signed him.

Who cares?

Hopefully he will never have to see action in 2008.

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