Monday, January 25, 2010


The Orioles signed Miguel Tejada over the weekend, and will move to 3B in 2010.

The Orioles signed Miguel Tejada to a one-year deal over the weekend. Ironically, the news of the signing coincided with FanFest. Hmmmm...

I pontificated on the potential signing in my last entry, so a lot of my thoughts on the signing can be found in it. Overall, I like the move.

Tejada still hits doubles (he lead the NL last year with 46) but he unfortunately hits into a lot of double-plays too (29 in 2009). He'll be moving to 3B, a new position for him, but with his strong arm and bulldog mentality, I think he'll be able to make the move pretty easily. And now that Tejada is older, and his power has decreased over the years, he can be moved down into the 6 or 7 hole with little pressure to carry the offense. Leave that to sluggers like Luke Scott, Matt Wieters and Nolan Reimold.

Hopefully this era of Tejada will go better than the last one and the Orioles will start to improve instead of get worse, like they have since 2004, the year Tejada was originally signed.

Now let's see if the O's will make the other half of my last blog entry come true by signing Erik Bedard. If they do that, color me happy with this offseason.

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