Friday, July 2, 2010

Straight A's

Surprise, surprise, the O's lost another series -- and the season series -- to the Oakland Athletics.

The O's went 3-7 against the A's this year. They haven't had a winning season against the A's since 1998. In the time since then, the O's are 31-72 (.301) against them.

And keep in mind, since 2007 the A's are not some great team. In 2010 they are currently 39-41. No one in their starting offense has an OPS over .800.

But they continue to beat the snot out of the Orioles whenever they play each other.

Maybe it's because Oakland is run by one of the best GM's in baseball, Billy Beane, while the Orioles have usually been run by some of the worst. Maybe it's because Oakland focuses on sound fundamentals and identifies isolated strengths of flawed players and puts them in a position to succeed while the Orioles seem to choose players by throwing darts blindfolded.

Whenever the O's play Oakland, I cringe. Getting soundly beaten by them just reminds me how far away the Orioles are from even mediocrity.

We're a long way off, folks.

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theReCruiT3er said...

You can say that again, why was MacPhail hired when he self-destructed in Cincy and later in Chicago. He is a proven loser.

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