Monday, April 18, 2011

Losing streak reaches eight in a row...

That's not me, but it might as well be.

The Orioles lost 5-3 to the Twins last night, bringing their current losing streak to eight in a row.

And right now I feel so hopeless, so angry, so devastated that I am having trouble focusing.

It shouldn't this bad, right? But it is. Again.

A year removed from a horrific April, where the Orioles started 2-16 and finished the month with a record of 5-18, the Orioles are doing their best to erase any goodwill built up from their strong 34-23 showing under Buck Showalter in 2010 and the 6-1 start they jumped out to in 2011.

Losing streaks happen to good teams and bad, but this one is different. At least for me.

I'll tell you why.

I keep getting my hopes up. This past offseason the O's made some flashy moves to "improve the team". The season got off to a good start and I threw down $200 on a 4-game ticket plan.

And what do I get for it?

An eight game losing streak the third week of the season.

I feel like a dope. I feel embarrassed. I feel like the guy who keeps going back to the wife who cheats on him and throws plates at his head. And just when I think everything will get better, it only happens again, but in a slightly different way, just to keep surprising you with how bad it can get.

I am tired of always having that dreaded feeling in the back of my head come true when it comes to this team. You always know they will fuck it up when they actually do something good. And I always get angry and embarrassed when it comes true all over again.

I have tickets to this Friday's game against the Yankees. And right now I can't even envision the thought of going to a game, much less a Yankees game, where the Yankee fans will be out in full regalia and the Yankees will no doubt pound the shit our of our beloved zer0's.

So why do I put up with it?

I try not to, to be honest. I haven't watched much of the last four losses although I did tune in just in time to see Kevin Gregg cork one in the dirt with the bases loaded, which allowed a run to score. Gregg, by the way, is fast on his way of becoming another one of Andy's "Epic MacFail" bullpen signings. But for the life of me I can't help but allow my happiness and anger be largely dictated by this baseball team.

So until I somehow figure out how to make a clean break, I'm just another suffering Oriole fan. Hopefully the players will have mercy on me and win tonight, giving me at least a brief reprieve of bliss in what is sure to be another disappointing Orioles season.

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