Wednesday, June 1, 2011

O's continue erasing positives

The O's got back to the elusive .500 mark after sweeping the Royals in Baltimore last week, but whatever helped them get back to .500 didn't get packed for their west coast swing to Oakland and Seattle because the Orioles are 0-5 on their 6 game road trip thus far.

And so it continues. The predictable erasing of any positives the Orioles manage to gain.

Are the players and coaches satisfied by getting back to .500 (mediocrity) that they mentally take the next few games off? Maybe. And the offense has crawled back into it's suck shell. They've scored just 13 runs in their 5 losses.


I just got back from Portugal where I spent 9 days eating, drinking and sightseeing -- thinking about the Orioles very little.

And now with their 5-game losing streak, they've given me even less reason to think of them.

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