Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More fuel for the fire.

As if I needed more ammo for this blog, I was treated to a good deal of it recently.

First among them, Sam "Damn the torpedoes" Perlozzo again inserted struggling "set-up guy" Danys Beaz into a close game last Sunday against the Nationals, and Baez promptly blew it. The difference between Sam Perlozzo and a good manager is that good managers realize when a player is struggling and they allow said player to work through their struggles in games that are out of hand.

Yet Perlozzo continues to ignore the facts and keeps plugging along with Baez who has blown game after game for the O's, including the loss last Sunday.

So glad we have Baez through 2009!

To make matters even worse, Sam then contradicts his reasoning in a recent article saying that he believes in "competition"; that no one's job is safe. Then why do you keep sending Beaz to the slaughter, Sam? Do you even hear yourself? WHAT HAS FREDDIE BYNUM DONE TO DESERVE BEING ON THIS ROSTER SINCE OPENING DAY???

Next up is whiny baby Jay Gibbons.

The shame of it is this, as the Orioles were well on their way into sucking 7 years ago, I liked Gibbons. He was a power hitter that the Orioles got for nothing in the rule-5 draft. Good on them. Gibbons then knocked in 100 RBI's and I was ready to go buy a jersey with his name on the back.

But then the worst happened. Gibbons came back to earth and his OPS constantly fell to sub-mediocre levels. The injuries started to crop up and Gibbons went from O's future clean-up hitter to David Segui-lite.

At the end of the 2005 season Gibbons first placed his foot in his mouth when he said he was "counting down the hours until the season was over."

Yes, 2005 was a complete mind-fuck. But players on MLB baseball teams shouldn't ever utter a phrase like that. They should shut up and play to win every game whether they are 161-0 or 0-161.Maybe Gibbons should start hanging out with Herm Edwards.

You PLAY to WIN the GAME!!!

Gibbons then whined about his lack of playing time a few weeks ago even though he was carrying an OPS in the .600's. And finally, when asked why the Orioles don't take infield/outfield practice before games he said, "we've never done it in 7 years."

Would you expect anything less from a Baltimore Orioles player?

I mean, really.

Who in their right mind would want to go back and change anything about the way the Orioles have done things in the last 7 years? Those were some great years!

Hey remember when you guys went 67-95? That was awesome!

Remember when you guys came within 2 games of losing 100 games? That was dope!

Oh, and remember when you guys were in first place for 60+ days and then fell completely flat on your faces in the second half of the season? That was the shiznit!

It's a shame Gibbons' OPS is .690 because if it were a little higher I would trade his ass faster than you can say Jon Knott. But with an OPS south of .700, Gibbons couldn't even get a pair of fungo bats and BP balls in return. Gibbons is a whining scrub on a losing team. No place for that kind of player here, no matter how hot your wife is or no matter how long you grow your hair.

Siyanora! Have fun playing in Japan, Jay.

New coach Juan Samuel didn't take long to learn how things are done in Baltimore. When asked why the coaches don't make the players take infield/outfield, Samuel shrugged and said "It's up to the players."

YES, I know this ain't tee-ball, but coaches are still coaches. They still have to say and do things that players won't like from time to time. And if the coaches believe that the players should be taking infield/outfield practice before games, then they should be.

After all, what else is there for managers and coaches to do?

But this organization has allowed the chimps to run the show for no reason. I could understand if the Orioles were a good team. At least then the players have an excuse as to why they don't want to do things a certain way. But what have the Orioles players done except lose for 9 years straight?


Next up is Miguel Tejada who looks like he has cancer. Matter of fact he does have cancer, the most deadliest and contagious kind of cancer there is.

Orioles cancer.

Matter of fact, everyone on the entire team has Oriole cancer! They don't care, they don't play hard, they don't do the little things, and they lose.

It's a shame to watch Tejada waste the prime years of his career in an Orioles uniform. It really is.

The Orioles took Tejada, who was the MLB's Ambassador for the game, full of energy and excitement, and made him look like an extra from 28 Weeks Later. I expect him to impale a girl's eyeball with a shard of wood more than I expect him to hit an extra base hit or run out a routine ground ball.

You always hear about how sad it was to watch Willie Mays running in circles, trying to find a can of corn fly ball. Well, we have that here in Baltimore, and Tejada is only 31. Not 42 like Mays was when he was making himself dizzy in the outfield with the Mets.

The bottom line is that this organization is infected, from top to bottom with losing. I've said it a million times. I, and thousands of other fans like me, have also said what should be done to fix it a billion times. But as long as Peter Angelos is the owner, things will always be the same.

That is why I don't watch and that is why I don't care anymore.

It's why I write this blog.

And that's why I voted for Jordin Sparks last night.

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