Monday, May 14, 2007

Throw us a frickin' bone!

Had Steinbrenner's Yankees suffered a meltdown like the Orioles did yesterday, you can bet that heads would be rolling by this time today.

Sam Perlozzo would be standing on Pratt Street, thumbing for a ride out of town and Chris Ray would be pitching in some bush league freakshow baseball league where players sing and dance Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals in-between innings.

Instead, it's business as usual for the Orioles. Just another tragic loss in a season quickly becoming crowded with them. You can't get too upset about these kinds of losses when you're so used to them, and that's the message the Orioles are sending to the fans by doing nothing.

And if Steinbrenner represents everything wrong with baseball, at least he's destroyed the game to improve his team. He's like the mad scientist who has destroyed the world to save his sick daughter. Yeah, you destroyed the world, but at least your intentions were good.

Meanwhile, Angelos can't even destroy his image to show fans that he even cares by doing something following yesterday's catastrophic loss.

Hell, does he even know the Orioles lost yesterday? If so, does he even know how they lost?

The fans are the ones who suffer through these kinds of losses the worst. After all, the players who were involved in yesterday's disgrace are still getting paid handsomely for their ineptitude. So the fans need to see something from the front office to show them that the FO is awake, and are still doing their jobs.

Here are the moves that should be made following yesterday's loss...

Sam Perlozzo needs to be fired. Yes, the loss can't be blamed solely on him. But yet again, he failed to put his team in the best position to win, like he has countless times this season with his head-scratching decisions. It's a wonder how the Orioles are only 2 games under .500 losses with Perlozzo at the helm.

Chris Ray needs to be demoted. Ray is a good young pitcher, but he's not mentally suited to be a closer. Never has a closer look so over-matched so regularly. Closers aren't supposed to get scared, but you could smell the fear coming off Chris Ray all the way from Boston. He needs to be made the set-up man while Danys Baez steps into the closer role. The shame of it is, Baez will probably fare no better, but it's time to find out. It's a shame that John Parrish has forgotten how to throw strikes because if he was still pitching the way he was early in the season, he would be the perfect candidate to step into the closer role.

Hernandez and Millar need to be reprimanded. Their mistakes were small but important parts to yesterday's debacle. Hernandez dropped a routine pop-up that lead to the string of events resulting in the loss, and Millar fielded a grounder that Roberts could have easily gotten to. Avoiding the always tricky bang-bang play of the 1B flinging the ball to the pitcher, covering 1B and then tagging the bag with his foot is always a good thing.

I'll admit, some of these moves are not practical, but they need to be made. You can't just sit on your hands after a loss like that. It shows the fans that the organization is complacent, that it accepts losing games that way. And players always need to be held accountable for their actions on and off the field.

Unfortunately, we have a manager who has no accountability either. Having Perlozzo reprimand the players for yesterday's loss is like a father who still smokes pot discipling his child for underage drinking.

So make these moves, bring in a manager who makes smart decisions and go from there. At 18-20, the season is far from over, but losses like the one yesterday can end them prematurely, especially if no actions are taken to make it known that these kinds of losses can't, and won't be tolerated in the future.

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Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

I don't know if I agree with everything you've said, but Sam does need to make his players accountable for their mistakes and shortcomings.

I do think this team would have a winning record rather than being 3 games under .500 if some of the decisions that Sam were different.

It was one game; however, what happened on Sunday is systematic as to how the Orioles have played this season.

- The Oriole Post