Friday, February 27, 2009

Crazy Friday!!!

I tried to hold off from writing until things are final, but I just can’t help myself. This Friday has just been too crazy to refrain from commenting on it.

Earlier in the week, the Ravens ended negotiations with center Jason Brown, content to let him go elsewhere. Currently he’s visiting with the Rams, Dolphins and Redskins and doesn’t look to be back in Baltimore.

And I only say "doesn't look to be back" despite the certainty of it because earlier today it was reported that the Jets had signed LB Bart Scott, but according to a Ravens Insider over on Orioles Hangout, the Ravens upped their offer to Scott just as he was putting pen to paper in New York. It at least gives Scott something to think about, if not make him change his mind, since Scott was willing to leave Baltimore for the extra one million dollars that the Jets were offering.

Then there’s Ray Lewis, who wants one more payday before he retires, and who’s told friends and family members that he’s going to Dallas. Only, Dallas doesn’t want to pay him, and the only other team with the cap space to sign Lewis, the Jets, are after Scott.

Apparently, Lewis said he’d rather retire than play for the Ravens again, and is bitter that the Ravens have taken a hard line during negotiations this offseason. I am guessing it’s simply a negotiating tactic, since Lewis has already approved of new defensive coordinator Greg Mattison and should have some loyalty to an organization that has stood by him throughout his career.

Oh yeah, the Ravens also signed cornerback Dominique Foxworth.

Foxworth went to Western Tech in Catonsville, MD (with my sister no less) and then went to the University of Maryland before playing 4 seasons with the Broncos and Falcons. Foxworth is still young, just 25, but isn’t known as a physical corner and is a poor tackler. Word is that the contract was steep, but that said, Foxworth will shore up a secondary that looks to lose Samari Rolle, Chris McAllister and Jim Leonhard in one offseason.

All of that still doesn’t even include players such as Jim Leonhard and Matt Stover, who are free agents, and look to be headed elsewhere themselves.

So stay tuned, because I need to take a breath and things are getting interesting.

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