Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I think I might cry!

Someone actually gave the O's some massive props!


"You have to really like what MacPhail is doing… JP Ricciardi should be taking notes.

This is the perfect way to run a team in the position that the Orioles are in. Stick to values on free agents and focus on drafting/scouting/player development. They have consistently made moves where they gave up little and acquired young, cost controlled players with upside. Further, they have still been aggressive in finding cheap, nice fits in free agency that will ensure the product on the field is respectable… theyve shown the younger guys they wont accept a culture of losing. Quite a remarkable rebuilding job… has to be considered ahead of schedule. Of course, drafting Matt Wieters and having Chris Tillman and Adam Jones gifted to you sure helps."

Are the Orioles going to the playoffs? Not in 2009 unless the planets align. But if they can stay within 5-8 games of the Wild Card in August and September, they'll force me to stop what I am doing in August and September to watch them play. Maybe even get out to the Yard too, which pretty much doesn't happen for me after June ends.

Of course the 2009 season could turn out like the last couple of seasons, but Andy MacPhail has done his best to see that it doesn't happen.

Has he done enough? If he signs Braden Looper, and he's rumored to be close to a deal, then I think he has.

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...please where can I buy a unicorn?