Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So far, not so good

Nolan Reimold has yet to get a hit in spring training and is still nursing his repaired achilles.

The Orioles are 5-9 in spring training games so far, and while a team's record in spring training is not indicative of the quality of said team, the individual results of the players are much more substantial.

And going off of some of the players' statistics this spring, it's not pretty.

Nolan Reimold - 0 hits in 13 at bats.
Matt Wieters - 1 hit in 13 at bats.
Caesar Izturis - 1 hit in 17 at bats.
Miguel Tejada - 3 hits in 17 at bats.

And now for the pitchers....

Kevin Millwood
- 29.70 ERA
Brad Bergesen - 9.00 ERA
Jim Johnson - 7.36 ERA
Jeremy Guthrie - 5.87 ERA

The pitchers have an excuse. Most of them are working on new pitches and remastering older ones after the offseason.

But the hitters, what is their excuse? Sure it takes some time for the batter's eye to pick up on live pitching, and get comfortable at the plate, but besides that, hitters hit.

And when you have 1 hit between both Reimold and Wieters in almost 30 at bats, you have to wonder what is going on. These 2 guys are supposed to be the two power hitters in this line-up and so far this spring, they've looked like A-ball fodder.

To be fair, Reimold is still nursing a sore achilles, which was operated on during the offseason. I don't know what's wrong with Wieters.

But for the Orioles' sake, I hope they break out of this funk -- and fast!

Someone on Orioles Hangout did some research and found out that Millwood's ERA is always atrocious during the spring, so there is no need to worry about him. As a veteran who's logged thousands of innings in the majors, Millwood knows what it takes to be ready on opening day and uses spring training to work on different things.

Bergesen, who was injured last season and then tweaked his shoulder while filming a commercial, is probably also trying to get back into the flow of live pitching. As a matter of fact, all pitchers with an ERA north of 5 could use a different excuse for their struggles and get away with it.

So I am not too worried about the starting pitching. And the bullpen thus far has been lights out. Cla Meredith, Koji Uehara and Will Ohman are bullpen shoe-ins who haven't allowed a run. So no worries there.

But the hitting...or lack thereof. What's going on there?

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