Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What are they saying about the O's?

The national media expects improvement from the Orioles in 2010, like many O's fans.

As spring training is under way, a lot of national media figures are chiming in with their takes on teams across the MLB.

Normally, the national media is not a good place to get opinions of the Orioles, as most of them are obsessed with the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry and with the Orioles in the middle of a 12-year losing streak, there isn't a reason for any national writer to treat the Orioles as anything more than a pesky house fly.

But as the Orioles are getting younger and looking to improve on a 2009 that will hopefully be remembered as rock bottom, the national media is starting to take notice of the strides the Orioles have been making during the last few seasons and how it should impact the team's record in 2010.

Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe recently wrote this article for Sports Illustrated. After waxing nostalgic of the Orioles glory days from 1966-1983, Shaughnessy summed up the Orioles 2010 season by saying:

No one thinks the Orioles have enough to contend this year, especially in the American League East. But maybe they can finish ahead of the Blue Jays. Maybe they can win 80 games.

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