Friday, July 8, 2011

The Last Excuse

In the last 14 years, fans have called for players to be traded or released, managers, coaches and GM's to be fired, uniforms to be changed, better promotions at the stadium -- and about a dozen other things to change the fortunes of this team.

Most of them have been done. But the Orioles just keep on losing.

All that remains is Peter G. Angelos.

Now I'm not saying that replacing Angelos with a new owner today would mean the Orioles would start winning tomorrow. It would probably take a few years before we'd start to see the positives of a new owner start to trickle down throughout the entire organization, if ever.

After all, aside from the owner, we've pretty much turned over everything there is to be turned over within this organization. But the results are still the same.

So is Angelos the last thing standing in the way of returning the Orioles back to respectability? Does he meddle in the baseball operations so much that people are unable to do their jobs? Maybe that is the case. Teams with less resources than the Orioles have been able to get more out of their organization than the Orioles, so the O's don't have many excuses as to why they can't compete in the AL East when the cash-strapped Rays have been able to do it for 4 years running.

So is Peter Angelos the last excuse as to why the Orioles are still so bad?

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KHAQQ said...

This is a great blog.

Came across it from googling "why are the orioles so bad"...cuz...its getting pretty fucking old, watching this night after night.

Anyway, nice little spot you have here, but knowing the malaise that embodies the true Baltimore sports fan, I'm not surprised to see that there aren't a lot of comments. Hope you're at least getting hits if not comments.

I'll be a full-time reader now. Good stuff, O's and Ravens both. Keep up the good work please. Reading the Sun gets redundant.

BTW, I'm surprised you didn't mention Joe Jordan- there's an integral part of the problem, that hasn't been changed in I believe more than a decade- director of scouting, or whatever his title is.

Sadly, O's will be contracted before they'll have an owner that actually knows how to own a team.