Saturday, April 7, 2007

Being wrong never felt so... good.

For those of you who hang around on the forums at Orioles Hangout (, you'll know me as the "doom and gloomer" NewMarketSean. You'll probably also know that my signature is "I hope the Orioles prove me wrong."

Well last night I was wrong. And when it comes to the O's, it feels good to be wrong, because it seems to rarely ever happen.

So for those of you who love to gloat everytime I am wrong about the Orioles winning a game, I've got you beat. In these cases, nothing feels better than being wrong. Believe it or not, I am still a fan, even though that glass of Natty Boh I've always got in my hand never seems to waver from it's half-empty status.

Anyway, about last night's game, it's about time that a game went according to the Orioles' plan. They got an early lead, and were able to hold onto it by using their new high-priced bullpen, in New York no less.

I still believe that the O's are going to need more offense to be able to do this kind of thing consistently, but it's good to know the bullpen is there to take over on the rare occasion that our offense has staked them to a decent lead. Because, like we saw in the Twins series, it's going to need to be a leader bigger than just one run, and I don't think this offense is capable of doing that consistently.

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