Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Left behind

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that the Orioles roll up like a potato bug being poked and prodded by an annoying kid when they face LHP.

The result was no different tonight, as Nate Robertson beat the O's like they were his [insert Don Imus racial remark here]. Man, I seriously need to start betting against the O's when they face a LHP. Now can someone explain to me how I bet on baseball? What's a run line?

Anyway, tonight's loss featured a bunch of things that were going to happen sooner or later, based on the way this team is designed.

1. The O's struggled against LHP. The O's may as well have been swinging with their dicks tonight. Talk about your basic M & Mer.

2. Jared Wright was taken out after hurting himself. The shame of it is, he pitched really well tonight. I'm not saying I want to see him miss a few starts, but the O's should make the right move and get Hayden Penn in Baltimore ASAP if Wright has to miss a start or 30.

3. The Orioles made a costly error. After Scott Williamson fanned Gary Sheffield with no outs and the bases juiced, he induced Carlos Guillen into hitting a patented double play ball that Roberts threw into the dirt and Millar came up empty, allowing 2 runs to score. That error didn't hurt (hey, you gotta score at least 1 run to win, even if the other team doesn't) until Corey Patterson hit a solo bomb off Joel Zumiya in the bottom of the 8th. Hey Angelos, Marcus Giles wouldn't have skipped that ball across the dirt like a kid skipping stones on a pond. Just kidding, just kidding.

4. The Orioles were forced to bat a scrub catcher because their bench still blows. Yep, Alberto Castillo was the sacrificial lamb offered to Zumiya right after Patterson homered. Talk about a rally killer. If ever there was the time to use John Knott, Jason DuBois or J.R. House as a pinch hitter, then this was it. Castillo looked about as poised as a deer in headlights out there. I hope having Kurt Birkins as the 8th pitcher in the bullpen was worth not having a power RH bat here, Sam. But man does Kurt look nice in that O's jacket!

So hey, there isn't too much to complain about in this loss, because we all knew the game was pretty much over before it began, but it would be nice to see the O's realize that the last 2 pitchers in the bullpen are getting free money. Guthrie hadn't pitched since opening day and who the hell knows when Birkins will get into a game.

And as much as Angelos is a stickler for money, I'm surprised he hasn't buzzed Perlozzo and told him to make sure the pitchers in the bullpen at least do some chores to earn their money while they aren't pitching.

I hear Pete's limo needs another coat of wax.

Who thought I'd be this blahzay after a loss, sending the O's to 3-5? Let's just say I can see the future.

The O's can erase this loss with a win tomorrow, which looks like it'll be another pitching duel (Verlander vs. Loewen) but hey, we'll probably lose that one too.

Now excuse me, I've got to call my bookie.

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