Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's not JEFF Fahey...

The Orioles continued to fumble their roster management this season by sending down minor league veteran slugger Jon Knott and re-calling everyone's favorite slap-hitting, rail-thin utility man Brandon Fahey.

Last season with the O's, Fahey put together a dreadful .614 OPS in 251 AB's while minor league slugger Luis Terrero rotted in Ottawa with his .900+ OPS. This season in Norfolk, Fahey had an OPS of .606.

But hey, Fahey is a hustler! Get his ass up here!

Manager Mike Trembley finally showed a chink in the armor after about a week's worth of perfect sounbytes by dropping this gem on us...

"Everyone knows what kind of player Fahey is. He fits into our style of play."

You're right, Mike I do know what kind of player Brandon is. A sucky one.

And he does fit into our style of play... not being able to hit with any power. Not even if the he was wearing the Nintendo Power Glove to the plate.

What makes things worse is that we already have 2 players similar to Fahey on the roster in Chris Gomez and everyone's favorite late inning pinch runner, Freddie Bynum. If Trembley was worried about a logjam being created with Knott, Gibbons and Huff, what does Gomez, Bynum and Fahey look like?

A toothpick jam?

At least Knott can hit LHP (something that Gibbons and Huff can't) and hit with some power. Meanwhile, J.R. House and his .300 AVG. also continue to toil away wastefully for the AAA club. But hey, at least House is going to the AAA All-Star Game.

I hoped that once Perlozzo was shitcanned and MacPhail was made VPOBO, thus voiding out Frick and Frak's questionable roster decisions, these head-scratching roster moves would cease to continue. But by calling up Fahey (not Jeff, which would have at least been interesting) the Orioles have given us good reason to use a cliched phrase that couldn't be more true in this situation.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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Anonymous said...

Jack Cust? He was on Oakland last I looked.