Friday, June 15, 2007

Well, well, well

They say at the end of civilization, people turn on each other. You only need look at the L.A. Riots and the Hurricane Katrina aftermath to see this is true.

As the civilization of the 2007 Baltimore Orioles comes crashing down like the city of Pompeii, it only makes sense that O's fans are turning on their former brethren.

For me, it's no different.

Over at the Orioles Hangout, I've been called a fair weather fan, a doom and gloomer and a pessimist these last 4 years. So it's only natural that I want to sit back and laugh at the people who chided me for "abandoning" the Orioles when the Orioles have hit rock bottom.

Well, my friends, now the Orioles have abandoned you.

It didn't take long for the O's/Nats rivalry to become a one-sided one, but I fear that is the case. The paltry Nationals, with their 38 million dollar payroll, just swept the Orioles and their payroll that is nearly two thirds that of the Nationals. At Camden Yards, mind you.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Titanic has hit the ocean floor.

And over at the ol' OH, it's getting ugly on the lifeboats. A long-time loyal fan who even after the toughest losses could see the silver lining recently said he would no longer post about the team until they made "significant changes."

Frobby, it was nice knowing you. Happy 50th..

Other homers are finally coming around, their dagger-like posts filled with the piss and vinegar that has drenched my posts for years.

I'm usually not the kind of person to say "I told you so," but in this case I must. It almost made me furious to think that there were people out there to whom the Orioles could do no wrong. Sadly, there are people out there still like that. Results on their IQ tests will be coming back shortly. Anyway, having someone tell me to be patient after 9 years was like the feeling I get when I see people protesting the execution of a mass murderer. You almost want to fight them for their beliefs.


Who knows what's going to happen with the Orioles going forward. It's better to think of them as dead and buried. And if getting swept at home by the "hated" Nationals isn't spurring the Orioles to make some much needed changes, it's pretty safe to say that nothing will. As long as Angelos is comfortable with the people he has surrounded himself with, in his eyes, everything is perfect.

And that's fine. It is after all, Angelos' team. His decision not to put Baltimore on the away jerseys only cements this belief. And in this modern day of professional sports as a corporate business, it's sad but true. But like any product that fails to deliver, you boycott it. Choose another brand. Now I'm not saying that I will ever choose another brand of baseball team, but I'd just do without baseball for another summer just the same.

Hey, I've gotten used to it. Once my shows wrap up for the summer, that's usually when the O's wrap up their season too. See ya next spring guys. Maybe you can make it to June next time!

All I really ask of the Orioles, after all, is just make it interesting until football starts. Then you can finish the season 4-32 again for all I care.

As for my fellow Orioles fans, I do love them all, regardless of what I might say in the heat of a passionate argument. But one thing is for sure, we're all suffering right now.

It would just be nice if someone could throw us a lifeline.


Anonymous said...

FREE THE BIRDS!!! Please for the love of God!!!

Anonymous said...

I said the O's were dead to me after the Nats sweep,and I meant it.I wont watch or post anywhere until this team is sold or blown up to the point that it isnt even recognizable anymore.

I was flipping through the channels last night and saw they were up 3-0 in the 7th,and said to myself "well at least they got a win,Im sure fans of the O's are happy for one night.

I go out for a bit,come back and check the game thread out of sheer curiosity and the comments are very suspicious...almost like we were losing or something.I check the box score and I see why...its 7-3 in the 9th inning.

I quickly moved on,not even shocked or mildly surprised at how another debacle occurred and payed it no mind.I feel bad for all the fans who still torture themselves night after night.