Thursday, June 21, 2007

Joe says "No"

In a move that should surprise no one, Joe Girardi, who had met with the Orioles this week to discuss taking over the management duties, told the team "Thanks, but no thanks."

I can't blame Giardi.

Even though we may not like what Baseball Tonight analyst John Kruk had to say about the Orioles job being the least desirable gig in the bigs, it doesn't mean it's not true. And when Girardi is likely to be the hottest managerial candidate this offseason, as well as his dream jobs in Chicago and New York possibly being available, you can understand why Girardi turned down the O's.

Not to mention, despite being pals with the Orioles' now official VPOBO Andy MacPhail, Girardi still had to be skeptical about Peter Angelos' involvement in the team after Girardi bumped heads with Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria in 2006 which ultimately ended in Girardi's exit from Miami.

The Orioles shouldn't give up yet, however. Davey Johnson's quote earlier this week sounded promising, like he wanted to bring Baltimore back to respectability and beyond because he loves the city and the fans. So hopefully, the O's have quickly shifted their attention from Girardi to Johnson, who at 64, is still a prime candidate for manager.

However, all that being said, Dave Trembley is the right man for the job right now. He may not be the permanent guy in Baltimore, but it wouldn't be a disaster if he stays on as manager for the rest of the season while MacPhail and Co. get their ducks in a row. Trembley is relatively new to the team, so he hasn't been part of the decade of losing like Perlozzo was. Plus he puts an emphasis on doing things the right way, which is something this team has lacked since the days of... Davey.

So even while the Orioles are busy looking for the right guy to manage the team in the future, and hopefully the search ends with Davey Johnson, they might end up finding out that they've already got him in Trembley.

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