Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dead Line

It comes as no surprise that the Orioles made no moves at the trade deadline yesterday, instead deciding to ride things out as they are, hoping that the recent string of winning baseball will continue. (The Orioles are 20-15 since Trembley took over as manager and have won 8 out of their last 10 games.)

It’s not smart to change your approach after a few weeks of winning baseball, especially when the Orioles have been one of the worst teams in the league for the last 10 years. The Orioles knew what they needed to do yesterday and failed to do it.

No one was asking for the sky. Well, at least no fan with a brain.

Now we’re stuck with Steve Trachsel, who makes another start tonight in Fenway Park, which is practically a guaranteed loss. Meanwhile Garrett Olson continues to dominate in AAA.

In a perfect world, tonight would be Trachsel’s last start, and Olson would take his place in the rotation next time around. Whether you put Trachsel on waivers or release him, it doesn’t matter. He’s starting to hurt this organization, even if he pitches well.

Here’s why.

Trachsel is a goner after the season while Olson has a legitimate chance to make the rotation next year. Why are we wasting time with Trachsel when we can build for the future today?

Like I said, hopefully tonight will be the last time we ever have to see Trachsel pitch in an Orioles uniform. But remember, these are the Orioles we’re talking about. Whenever the most obvious move is sitting in front of their face, they usually do the exact opposite.

So don’t be surprised if Steve Trachsel finishes the season in the Orioles starting rotation.

Yesterday, the lack of moves at the deadline showed us that the Orioles aren’t aggressive with MacPhail at the helm.

Dealing with Trachsel after tonight’s start will show us if they’ve changed at all.

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