Friday, August 31, 2007

Pulling up lame

9 straight losses.

The worst 10-game homestand in team history.

Outscored 100-44.

What else is there for the Orioles to do this season? Lose 100 games? Break the losing streak record set by.... the Baltimore Orioles in 1988?

Just when you think the O's can't sink any lower, they go ahead and completely prove you wrong by doing something that was previously thought to be impossible.

At the beginning of the year we though this could have been a team to break .500 and end the 9-year losing streak that draped itself over the city like a black cloud. But that didn't happen. Instead, the cloud started raining the baseball equivalent of frogs, a sure sign of the Armageddon.

So as the season comes to a miserable end, get the younger players (Reimold, Olson, Knott, House) some regular playing time, even if they don't necessarily deserve it (Fiorentino, Majewski).

Then in the offseason make the trades that need to be made (Tejada, Roberts and Bedard) and release the dead-weight. Pay for your mistakes for once. Don't allow them to take up roster spots. That costs more than any amount of money at this point.

MacPhail has a daunting task ahead of him. He's got to take the worst organization in all of professional sports and turn them into something respectable again.

Think he's stressed out at all?

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Anonymous said...

How about going hitless against a rookie starting for the 2nd time in the majors?? Does that qualify as "lower"??

New low
after new low
after new low
after new low
after new low
after new low......