Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Boller & Cody News...

Although the news that Dan Cody has officially been cut from the Ravens may not surface for a few hours, a little birdy has said that the announcement is only a matter of time.

That same birdy also said that Kyle Boller has a torn labrum and is out for the year, which means that Boller has likely played his last game as a Raven, if not, his last game in the NFL. Apparently he is going to get a second opinion, and he should since this is such a serious injury. But it doesn't look good.

And that depends on how you felt about Kyle.

Me? I liked him. He always played hard and gave his best even though a lot of times it simply wasn't good enough. He never threw teammates or coaches under the bus when he had a legit reason to and he never took credit for any success he may have had. He had a ton of heart and took a beating in Baltimore, both on the field and off.

Boller has basically been the poster boy for what we don't want to do with Joe Flacco.

Now the Ravens appear to be in the hunt for another QB. The birdy said that the Ravens were in talks with the 49ers, which leads me to believe that the Ravens were looking to bring former Terrapin QB Shaun Hill back to Maryland. Hill played well in 4 games last year with the Niners and would be a decent option backing up Smith or Flacco.

Then there is the obvious Miami connection with Cam Cameron, who was the head coach there last year when the Dolphins took John Beck in the second round. Beck looks to be the odd man out in Miami with Henne, Pennington and McCown currently looking like the QB's who will make their roster, so the Ravens may not even have to trade for Beck.

As for Dan Cody, he was a rare early round draft pick disappointment. In 3 years he's played in 2 games and looks like he'll miss more time in '08. The Ravens also traded for former Raven Marques Douglass today, which makes Cody even more expendable.

So there you have it. The Ravens may not be that good this year but they are making some eye-opening moves and things are getting interesting. And as we've seen in the past, things usually are interesting, regardless if the Ravens are winning or losing.

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