Friday, August 1, 2008

Dead Line

The Orioles did as expected yesterday and watched as other teams made moves to gear themselves up for a playoff run.

Manny to the Dodgers. Pudge to the Yankees. Jason Bay to the Red Sox.

The O's may be to blame for not being aggressive at the deadline, but reports were that not many teams were interested in any of the team's goods.

When Aubrey Huff, who is having what could be a career year, isn't drumming up any interest at all, then you know something strange is afoot at the Circle K. Remember all that demand for Roberts during the offseason? Nary an offer that Andy MacPhail could get excited about.

George Sherrill was being heavily scouted, but no one was willing to cough up a MLB-ready SS prospect for the left-handed closer.

Credit MacPhail for knowing the value for his players and sticking to them. The last thing we need is another 2000 when Sid Thrift traded away half the team for a bunch of players, among which, Chris Richard was the one who worked out the best.

As it looks now, MacPhail could make some smaller trades in August, moving Jay Payton, Ramon Hernandez and maybe a Jamie Walker or Chad Bradford for some Scott Moore and Rocky Cherry type players. Nothing to get excited about, but still better than watching the likes of these veterans play out another losing season.

Then in the offseason, I do expect the Orioles to be movers and shakers, making trades and signing free agents. They have the players and the money to do both and it would be a tragedy if the Orioles failed to make serious runs at least one of Mark Teixiera, Ben Sheets or CC Sabathia.

MacPhail has a plan and by the time the offseason rolls around he will have had a full year and a half to get a feel for this organization and what it needs to continue to get better. There are no more excuses. It's time to take the next step toward making the Baltimore Orioles a competitive team again.

So the writing is on the wall. This offseason should get exciting. But don't hold your breath.


Andrew said...

I was really glad they didn't settle. When I heard the rumors that they were asking for a top SS prospect who could step in immediately for Sherrill, I was hoping someone would cave. I'm glad it wasn't us shipping him off for some Double A bum.

Also, please don't tease the idea of them signing Sheets. He's been my favorite pitcher for years and to this point I haven't even considered that they might try to sign him.

Anonymous said...

Melvin Mora came over in the Thrift 2000 rebuild btw. A smidge better than Chris Richard.

You do have to hope that teams will deal with the Orioles in the future...