Friday, May 21, 2010

Not much reason to care anymore...

The Orioles are 13-29, and have lost five out of their last six games.

They have called up Scott Moore to essentially replace Garrett Atkins at 1B, but that move withstanding, the Orioles are a worthless sack of excrement right now. Andy MacPhail refuses to make a drastic move and fire hitting coach Terry Crowley or lame-duck manager Dave Trembley.

I feel bad for both men. They aren't responsible for this disaster but they haven't helped. They have to go. It's time to get some new blood in the dugout and offer these beaten down players a new perspective on playing a mentally-draining 162 game season.

And until some drastic moves are made, there's no reason to care one bit about this team. I may not write another blog entry until they replace Crowley and/or Trembley. There's just no reason to try to find the words to describe the way I feel about this team.

If you still care, the O's travel to DC for three with the Nationals, who've hit the skids themselves lately, but are still sitting at .500 on the season.

I will be in DC on Saturday, and was originally planning to go to the game, but I am not going to bother now. The last thing I want to do is be forced to watch the Orioles play for three hours right now, much less write about them. So I am signing off.

See you when MacPhail shows me he cares about what is happening with the Baltimore Orioles.

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Andrew said...

It's come to this: I'm officially adopting the Nationals.

It's not just because they aren't awful this year either. Strasburg's on the way, Bryce Harper will be in the organization soon, and DC is a better city than Baltimore anyway.