Wednesday, May 5, 2010

O's swept by Yanks

And just think, 3 days ago O's fans were like "we swept the Red".

The O's are trailing the Yankees 6-1 in the 8th inning, but let's be real. The O's aren't coming back. They probably won't score another run, meaning they'll be swept and outscored in the series 16-3.

I am guessing that the O's ran into Boston during the right time. There is a reason the O's hadn't swept them at home since 1974.

And it doesn't get easier. The O's travel to Minnesota to play the Twins (18-9) for four games before getting an off day on Monday.

That off day will probably be the day when roster and coaching changes are finally made. Until then, there is not much reason to talk about the Orioles so I will end it here.

Oh, Ty Wigginton homered to make it 6-3. OK, so make it 16-6.

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