Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Then and now...


And now...

Yes, the weather was cold and wet, and yes, the Orioles were playing the lowly (but still better than the Orioles) Royals, but those two pictures have to be one of the most depressing Oriole-related things I have ever seen.

I remember times in the mid 90's when I would venture out into bad weather to watch this team play in person because I couldn't imagine missing the game. Even staying dry and watching it at home on TV wasn't a good alternative.

But as things stand now, the Orioles are 12-27 and have lost 3 straight to the Indians and Royals, two teams with records similar to ours, teams we fooled ourselves into thinking we were better than.

Garrett Atkins is still your starting 1B with 0 home runs and 6 RBI.

Cesar Izturis is your starting SS with a .491 OPS.

Lou Montanez is still on the roster even though he hasn't had an at-bat since May 5th.

Dave Trembley is still your manager even though he seems to have lost his will to do anything other than stare blankly from the dugout.

And Terry Crowley is still your hitting coach even though the Orioles are the second worst offensive team in the American League.

So until there is something worthwhile to discuss in Birdland, I will leave you in peace.

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