Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nothing has changed

I haven't posted since Friday, May 21st and since then, the Orioles are 2-7. And they were just swept by the Blue Jays this past weekend in a series where they scored only 3 runs.

They are 15-36 on the season and yet no major moves have been made.

Dave Trembley is still the manager despite owning the worst record in baseball and has never won more than 68 games since taking over as manager of the Orioles mid-way though 2007.

Terry Crowley is still the hitting coach despite the Orioles being dead last in runs scored, 10th in batting average, 13th in on base percentage and 11th in slugging and overseeing an offense that has routinely finished near the bottom of the league over the last 10 years.

And Garrett Atkins and his .555 OPS is still on the major league roster. And it's not like Atkins' .555 OPS is a fluke. The writing was on the wall for 3 years that Atkins was finished. But MacPhail took a $4.5 million dollar chance on him anyway.

It's inexcusable. It's maddening. And it's not fair to fans.

Andy MacPhail shouldn't have to atone for the decade of losing that took place before he arrived in Baltimore, but in 3 years as GM of the Orioles, he's beginning to create his own legacy in Baltimore. And it's one of indecisiveness and disregard for the fan. So where is the urgency to save his legacy? Does he even have one?

I am not saying that Dave Trembley should have his heart ripped out at home plate so fans can feel better. But I would like to see him held accountable for the embarrassment that occurs each time the Orioles take the field. Despite the injuries and slumps this team has had to deal with, they are a lifeless and spineless group of players. And while the manager can't bat or pitch, he can have an impact on a player's mentality and attitude, and right now, Dave Trembley is not getting results.

Terry Crowley is way past his expiration date in Baltimore. And the proof that so many hitters are struggling is in the pudding. This wasn't going to be the 1931 Yankees offense by any means, but it was supposed to be better than average thanks to some promising young hitters like Matt Wieters, Adam Jones and Nolan Reimold. And Crowley has to take some of the blame when NONE of those hitters has improved.

Garrett Atkins is a complete waste of a roster spot on a major league baseball team. He should join Eric Byrnes on his slow-pitch softball team...and I even wonder if Atkins would be any good there.

What I basically want to see, is a GM who holds his employees responsible, like any other business would. Yet, in Baltimore, you can be a mime in the dugout (Trembley), fail to help any hitter under the age of 26 improve (Crowley) or produce a .555 OPS (Atkins) and your job is completely safe.

Most businesses that allow for this kind of mismanagement fail quickly. Imagine a restaurant where the results in the kitchen or on the floor were similar to what is going on with the Orioles. Its tables would be empty in no time.

And it's no mistake that the seats are empty in Camden Yards. The fans are onto the Orioles. They aren't buying this steaming pile of shit they pass off as major league baseball any more.

At least not until we see people judged by the results they've put forth on the playing field.

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