Monday, June 14, 2010

O's back to losing

Please, make it stop!

The Orioles didn't wait long to get back to their losing ways after Jake Arrieta beat the Yankees in his major league debut last Thursday night. They were just swept over the weekend by the New York Mets.

The Orioles have lost 22 out of their last 27 games since having that "respectable" stretch of baseball that lasted from April 25 to May 14th.

It's safe to say that any good vibes this team gets after a good win disappears like smoke the next day.

Each time the Orioles win a game I think "maybe this can get them started". I need to stop thinking that way. It doesn't exist.

The Orioles are 17-46, a whopping 29 games under .500, and it's only June 14th. It's unhealthy to think about how bad this team is. Seriously. Think about it too long and it gives you headaches. It makes you dizzy. It raises your blood pressure. The same thing happens when I think about black holes or the beginning of the universe for too long. The human mind is not advanced enough to embrace such complex thoughts.

The 1962 New York mets lost 120 games in a 161 game season. The Orioles have the same record after 63 games. Amazing.

So what now?

You got me. I thought the O's would be in store for some drastic changes this season once they got off to that horrid start, but so far only Dave Trembley has been let go. Terry Crowley is still the hitting coach. Garrett Atkins is still a Baltimore Oriole.

And Andy MacPhail is still asleep at the wheel.

He did interview managerial candidates last week, including Eric Wedge and Bobby Valentine, as well as a third mystery candidate according to The Baltimore Sun. But The Sun also said that the search for a manager could last until the offseason, so don't expect a massive coaching exodus to happen any time soon.

The current Oriole team is likely to remain the same well into the future. And as long as that happens, the Orioles have a chance to set the record for losing.

And if you would have told me at the beginning of the season that the Orioles had a chance to make history, I would have never guessed that it would be potentially setting the record for most losses in a 162 game season. I would have thought they were closer to setting the record for wins in a 162 game season.

But the Orioles suck. And even those harsh words are unable to express how bad this Orioles season really is.

Great. Now I've got a headache.

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