Friday, June 25, 2010

Ravens sign Bulger

Chin up, Marc, you're not on the Rams any more.

The Ravens surprised their fans by signing former Rams QB Marc Bulger to a 1-year deal earlier this week.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that the Ravens signed themselves abother QB, since it was pretty certain that Troy Smith would not enter the 2010 season a Raven after demanding trades last season, leaving John Beck as the only other QB on the roster aside from Joe Flacco. But it was kind of shocking to see the Ravens pick up Bulger.

Many fans in the NFL may envision Marc Bulger having a big fork stuck in his back. And many of those fans may be Raven fans.

But that is unfair.

Bulger, who was the Rams QB from 2002-2009, was at one time a very good QB, having thrown for more than 20 TD's and 3,800 yards three times in his career. But then sometime around 2007 the Rams became one of the worst teams in the NFL and Bulger's career, and health, suffered for it.

Bulger missed 7 games last year, and hasn't put up decent numbers since 2006. That's to be expected. The Rams were awful. If they were a Major League Baseball team, they'd be, well, the Orioles. And when the Rams selected Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford with the first overall pick in the 2010 draft, it was the end of Bulger's career in St. Louis.

It was pretty obvious that Bulger wouldn't be signed as a starting QB this offseason. Despite the Rams struggles on offense these last few years, Bulger turned the ball over too much and couldn't stay healthy. But at 33 years old, I still think Bulger has something left in the tank.

And the Raves, who are legit Super Bowl contenders heading into the 2010 season, need a back-up QB better than John Beck. No disrespect to Beck, I think he'd be a fine back-up and maybe even a decent starting QB in the NFL, but the Ravens need a more experienced QB on the team in case something happens to Joe Flacco (God forbid).

With Flacco injured and Beck the starting QB, the chances of making the playoffs would be decimated. But with Bulger, who will once again be playing behind a great OL and actually have some good WR's to throw to, the Ravens would still be considered playoff contenders.

And that's what it all comes down to: insurance. Joe Flacco is the franchise QB and after improving during his second season in the NFL in 2009, he is poised to break out and become a top 10, or even top 5 QB in 2010.

But it is nice to know that Marc Bulger, and not John Beck, will be the one coming into the game if tragedy strikes Baltimore and Flacco is injured.

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