Thursday, June 17, 2010

O's implosion in full gear

The past week has been interesting for O's fans as long as you're not actually watching the team play games.

First off, Bobby Valentine interviewed with the Orioles, and then talked about the interviews a bit on a radio show. Based on what he said about the Orioles, I don't think we can pencil Valentine in as the next O's skipper. I don't blame him.

In the last few days, some pretty substantial rumors have been flying around the Orioles Hangout about distension in the warehouse, including Angelos not being happy with the moves Andy MacPhail made last offseason, as well as a possible civil war between the O's draft team and player development.

Then, if it couldn't get crazier, Mr. Code of Silence himself, Nick Markakis, spoke pretty harshly about his teammates in a Sun article. He didn't name names, but you can figure out who he was talking about pretty easily (Adam Jones, Matt Wieters, Garrett Atkins, Julio Lugo, et al).

It's nice to see an Orioles player -- and one as reserved as Markakis -- finally say what's on everyone's minds about the Orioles' approach at the plate, but will anything change?

I doubt it.

Markakis also stood up for Terry Crowley in the article, saying what's happening with the offense is none of Crowley's fault. Well, the same thing could be said of Dave Trembley, but that didn't stop him from getting fired, did it? So I am not exactly backing off my stance on firing Crowley just yet.

I still stand firm on my belief that the Orioles need -- and should be headed for -- some drastic changes this offseason. But will the notoriously slow Andy MacPhail be able to handled all of it over the course of one offseason?

I think the bigger question is: will he still be here this offseason?

Things are getting interesting in Birdland, all right. And you don't even have to watch the games.

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