Saturday, April 17, 2010

Angelos to Cal: "No thanks"

How could you say no to that face?

Well, just a couple days after writing a blog entry about how the O's will always be my team, yadda, yadda, yadda...owner Peter Angelos goes and does something to make me seriously think about changing my mind.

According to former Baltimore Sun writer Ken Rosenthal, now working for FOX Sports, Angelos turned down Cal Ripken Jr.'s offer to re-join the Orioles as an instructor who would work with players such as Matt Wieters to help them "finish off" their last stage of development in the majors.

Angelos' reasons for turning him down? They are golden:

1. Angelos doesn't want Cal getting "all the credit" for the O's return to glory.

2. Angelos wants Andy MacPhail to maintain full control of the organization.

3. Angelos doesn't want to create a possible future where he is forced to fire Cal.

Well, then.

Just when you thought Angelos didn't have another foot to shoot off, he grows a new one.

If I could respond to Angelos' reasons for turning down Cal personally, here is what I would say.

1. First off, Pete, the Orioles are never going to return to glory while you are owner. And this is a prime example why. You say you are out of the team's decision making but yet you're the one still passing the buck on important decisions. Thirteen years, Pete. 13. You are a failure as an owner. Sell the team. Now.

2. Pete, I am surprised a successful lawyer as yourself wouldn't recognize the irony of that statement. By turning down a decision that MacPhail was in favor of, you have proven that you are still in full control of the organization, not MacPhail. Congratulations. You've proven that you haven't changed one bit. You are still the egotistical maniac you've always been when it comes to the Orioles.

3. On the surface, Pete, this actually makes some kind of sense. If Cal was made manager or GM of the team, it would set up the possibility that Ripken could one day be fired, thus crippling his relationship with the team forever. But I don't see why Cal would be fired as a MLB instructor unless he was telling Wieters to bunt in every at-bat and teaching the rest of the team the importance of grounding into double plays.

In closing, Cal rejoining the team is a good thing, regardless what the role is. Fans are desperate for a reason to stick with this team after 12 losing seasons and a miserable 1-10 start in 2010, and all you did was just piss them off, Pete. Good job!

So. If you didn't think fan apathy hadn't reached full levels yet, they will now. Nobody messes with Cal. I expect to see more signs bashing Angelos at games and further vocalization from the fans that they want Angelos to sell the team. That sentiment seemed to go away once Angelos hired MacPhail and he made some decent moves to restock the organization with good young talent.

But after a 1-10 start and now's going to be a mob mentality in Baltimore again. And they don't call Baltimore "Mob Town" for nothing.

After all, these are the Orioles. Just when you think they've hit rock bottom, they've found a new low. And this time, it's thanks to Peter Angelos, the most hated man in Baltimore.


Paul Williams said...

IF Devilos said this & if he said this in front of witnesses then he is the BIGGEST IDIOT since Boozer Bob Irsay traded John Elway for a bag of magic beans.

Anonymous said...

You forgot Andrew Jackson’s Big Block of Cheese with nary a macaroni in sight.

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