Sunday, April 11, 2010


Hey man we just swept the Orioles. Remember when everyone was saying they were supposed to be one of the MLB's most improved teams? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

The Orioles were just swept by the Blue Jays.

No disrespect to the Blue Jays, but when you think of AL East teams sweeping the Orioles at home, the Blue Jays are not the team that comes to mind.

The Orioles are 1-5 to start the 2010 season. The only thing worse would be 0-6, and with Mike Gonzalez's shaky save in the O's lone win this season, that could very well be a possibility. So I guess we should be thankful.

Somehow thankful isn't a word I think of when I think of the Orioles. As a matter of fact, aside from an 0-6 start, I can't think of things being any worse than they are now.

Their $12 million dollar closer is a disaster and has already been demoted. Now he's going on leave for personal reasons.

And the offense, a part of the team thought to be one of the strengths going into 2010, have scored more than 3 runs only twice in six games.

Look at the schedule for the rest of April and reality cannot be ignored.

3 vs TB
4 @ OAK
3 @ SEA
3 @ BOS
3 vs NYY
1 vs BOS

When I look at that schedule, I see a 5-22 record for the month of April. And if 5-22 is a possibility, then firing Dave Trembley should also be a possibility. Hitting coach Terry Crowley too. As a matter of fact the only person on the O's coaching staff who should consider themselves safe is pitching coach Rick Kranitz. Despite the Orioles 1-5 start, the O's team ERA is a respectable 4.57.

So there it is. 2010 was supposed to be full of hope and promise and so far it's been void of either.

Will the O's win more than 64 games in 2010 or will their 5 year win-loss slide continue???

If you would have asked me that question on April 5th, the day before opening day, I would have laughed at you and recited dreams of a winning season in 2010.

But right now, I honestly don't know if they will even improve on their 64-98 record from last year.

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