Thursday, April 22, 2010

Off Day. Will Trembley be fired?

Hmmm...maybe getting fired wouldn't be so bad....

With a 2-14 record and coming off yet another sweep, this time at the hands of the Seattle Mariners, the Orioles finally get an off day after 16 consecutive games to start the season.

At least they won't be able to lose today, but I am sure they are trying hard to find a way.

But seriously, it's past the point of being funny any more.

So far the 2010 season has been a painful embarrassment for this organization, the city, and the fans.

I do feel very sorry for Dave Trembley to have to oversee this disaster as if he were the captain of the Titanic, but Trembley should be fired today, along with all the coaches on the staff.

The Orioles desperately need a shake up. Now.

At 2-14, the Orioles are projected to win 20 games this season. That would shatter every record for ineptitude for a major league team in the modern era.

Sure, it's unlikely to be that bad for an entire year, but didn't you think things would be better by now? When the O's were 1-5 or 1-7, didn't you think that they would have broken out of this funk by now?

They haven't -- and they don't show any signs of doing it any time soon. It might get better than it is now, but it won't be that much better under Trembley.

I doubt Trembley gets fired any time soon.

Andy MacPhail is a slow moving GM, the tortoise in the race. The only difference is, no one else in baseball is the sleeping hare. Every other team, especially in the AL East, seems able to move quickly and make the proper moves to save face, yet MacPhail seems content with the coaches and players he's assembled to start the season 2-14.

A changing of the guard is very unlikely to transform this team into a winner. But a change is needed. I hope that MacPhail is currently looking for Trembley's replacement, and if he's not going to fire Trembley today, I hope it is because he's holding out for the best replacement available, and not giving Trembley more time to right the ship.

It's hard to right a ship that has already sank.

Until something happens, and the Orioles show me that the start to this season is unacceptable, I am not going to watch any more games. I won't waste my time and drive my self crazy watching a team that has no desire to improve.

The Orioles are on life support. Scratch that, they don't have a pulse. And MacPhail is the only one that can try to bring them back to life.

Will he use the defibrillators to try and regain a pulse? Or will he watch the team die a slow and painful death?

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