Friday, April 16, 2010

Calling Jobu...

Someone get Jobu to the Orioles clubhouse, STAT!

The Orioles need to pray to Jobu, and fast.

At 1-9, they're off to their worst start since the record setting 0-21 start to the 1988 season.

One of the biggest reasons is because they haven't scored a run with runners in scoring position (RISP) with 2 outs all season. If they keep it up, they're going to get poor Dave Trembley fired. But then again, maybe he won't mind.

Things don't look to get any better tonight either. They face LHP Dallas Braden, who in his short career, has already exuded Roy Halladay-like dominance over the Orioles.

In 5 games, including 4 starts against the Birds, Braden is:

4-1 W-L
1.32 ERA
27.1 IP
16 Hits
21 K
7 BB

So maybe the Orioles should sacrifice a live chicken in the clubhouse or offer cigars and rum to Jobu to heal the sick bats that cannot hit curve ball.

The bats are afraid. Very afraid.

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